Signify x Philips Hue Partnership Program Partnerize

Since last week we can proudly say that we launched our Signify x Philips Hue Partnership Program via Partnerize in over 7 global markets. Over the past 6 months our affiliate team put all their effort on the design and set-up of this program and now it is finally there.

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Top positions for Candid platform and Candid agencies in Emerce100

Candid and agencies M2Media, STROOM, De Media Maatschap, daily dialogues, Havana Harbor and Online Company have achieved top rankings in the Emerce100. It is the annual ranking of the best e-business companies in the Netherlands.

In this interview, Saskia Wagenmakers, Jasmijn Bouwmeester, Samantha Catsburg, Sjef Kerkhofs, Fabienne Jungerhans and René Smeding talk about working with clients and collaborating with the agencies within the Candid platform.

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