Signify x Philips Hue Partnership Program Partnerize

Since last week we can proudly say that we launched our Signify x Philips Hue Partnership Program via Partnerize in over 7 global markets. Over the past 6 months our affiliate team put all their effort on the design and set-up of this program and now it is finally there.

What is the partnership between Signify x Philips Hue and Partnerize?

Online Company will underpin, together with Partnerize, a new strategic global partnership and affiliate program for Signify, which will be used by the company’s Philips Hue brand. The move will allow the global market leader in lightning to focus on creating long term partner relationships on a global scale. This while seamlessly integrating with local D2C e-commerce teams and building upon tactical gains made via local affiliate networks.

What’s the role of Online Company?

The software of Partnerize takes time consuming tasks such as collecting data and reporting away from Online Company and enables them to focus on what’s important to them: optimise revenue and margin and gaining incrementality. The software of Partnerize has real time insights and was set-up for Signify with customisable features at analytical and commercial level.

Who is Partnerize?

Partnerize is a software which supports marketers with an end-to-end partnership platform that automates traditionally tedious tasks associated with partner management to help you find and convert your target audience at scale.


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