Everything we
do is about

getting insights and maintaining control over the situation.

Who we are

This requires a special sauce of people.

We are always open. Open to change, feedback and new ideas. We are very passionate about our work and always aiming to move forward. To keep improving, we listen carefully and look for new insights and perspectives. This makes it easy to adapt to change and do better every time.

We love the word ‘actionable’.
An insight can be interesting, poetic, fascinating, you name it. But it is only interesting, poetic or fascinating to us if we can use it to optimize. Right now. Did we say we love the word ‘actionable’?

Original thinking trumps all data in the world.
You can measure everything you want. But the interpretation of the data and the courage to take on a whole new perspective, is what we - and your business - thrive on.

Great destinations need a greater journey.
We love ambition beyond the limit. And to go above and beyond we know the journey needs to be just as much fun as the destination.

We don’t work for organizations. We work with our clients.

Achieving sustainable growth requires smooth collaboration. Working as a team. Being open and honest, critical, proactive, and challenging each other to go the extra mile. We believe that we can only realize meaningful growth together. That is why we intensively join forces with our clients, both remotely and physically on location. Founded in 2005 and constantly growing and evolving, always helping our clients to be more successful.

meet our
leadership team

René Smeding

Managing Director

Michael Bottenheft

Head of Strategy

Oscar Levi

Head of Commerce

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